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Our Mission

Chavrusa Anytime was born during the Coronavirus pandemic. With thousands of kids at home finding themselves with more time on their hands and a tremendous emptiness of Torah learning around the world, such an initiative was imperative. The idea was simple: create an online tutoring service connecting children with highly skilled and experienced educators who can cater to a child’s Torah needs. Such a service would be doing so much good for our Children’s Jewish education while simultaneously helping support fellow Jews.

But in essence, this project truly goes much further. Be it tutoring or a personal connection, any child can benefit from a personalized 1 on 1, with personal growth and Torah being at the center. But there are numerous hindrances that can prevent our children from getting this special care be it financially or convenience. Private tutors in many cities throughout the United States can be quite pricey and the fees can really pile up with a few kids in the family.


Now with Chavrusa Anytime, you can bring the learning to you as the sessions can be from the convenience of your home with no hassle all at a reasonable price. Whether it’s just once a week, twice a week, or every day, this can make the difference in your son’s life. With ready Chavrusas located in so many different locations in so many time zones, there is a Chavrusa available for you at any time no matter where you may live. Your son’s personal learning partner! Our goal is to reach every Jewish child to provide for them the unbelievable experience of engaging, growing, and learning with a Chavrusa.

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